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Things we are good at

Designing a culture of continuous improvement

We are dedicated to helping organizations conceive their value adding opportunities and create their own digital transformation success stories.

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Ways we help you
to achieve your goals

  • Digital product and service development

    We establish clarity by outlining and pinning down business processes to be digitalized, we prioritize by listing all the important requirements, we visualize the whole solution by creating flowcharts, wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes. And when the framework is ready, we build the project.

    • rombprototyping
    • romb training
    • romb facilitating
  • System redesign

    From a simple facelift to a full-scale re-do of an IT system, we provide guidance on best practices and approaches to kick-off the project and lead it to a successful ending. We are always happy to organize and facilitate inclusive design workshops involving customer, product owner and delivery team.

    • rombUX
    • rombAPI
    • rombResearch
    • rombFront-End
  • WP expertise

    We are proficient in creating complex platforms using WordPress, we have skills and knowledge for developing custom WP plugins to meet the specific needs of our clients and we know what should be done to successfully support and maintain WP-based solutions lastingly.

    • rombconsulting
    • rombimplementing
    • rombplugins
  • WEB Accessibility

    We can teach you about web accessibility requirements, practices and implementation. We can help you to gain understanding of how your products and services can be made more profitable and sustainable simultaneously.

    • rombaudit
    • romb training
    • romb accessible coding

Practical results

We deliver practical results quickly thanks to our in-house team of UX & UI designers and programmers. By having all the necessary skill set and expertise under one roof, we streamline the development process and get your projects off the ground fast.

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Stories we are proud of

  • Digital transformation in a traditional institution on a tight schedule

    We are eager to work on projects that require a remarkable shift of the status-quo in a short period of time. We have had the honour to participate in several such projects, but the most recognisable is the development and implementation of “e-Saeima”, making the parliament of Latvia one of the first parliaments in the world that could fully shift to remote work.

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  • Introducing user-centric approach in a financial institution

    One of our core values is people. We put strong focus and effort on making digital services and products easily accessible, usable and comprehensible for everyone.

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  • Unusual website redesign

    We like to be innovative and play. We use different practices and tools to plan and prepare for existing business system or website redesigns. One of our recent projects was the website redesign for the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia.

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