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Get approximate time plan & budget for your website

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Project plan

User personas
Client involvement

Defining user groups and goals of website in order to set clear website requirements.

Project plan and estimate

Planning tasks, time and resources necessary for project implementation

Competitor analysis

Analyzing competitor websites based on user persona goals and business requirements to gather field specifics and insights.

Card sorting & IA

Sorting website content with user involvement to research user expectations for website structure.

Usability audit

Testing current website with users to identify problem points and issues.

Content inventory

Analyzing current website content to see its structure and what kind of content already exists.

Content prototype

Creating new website content model with sections and elements based on previous research.

Interactive prototype

Developing visual layout wireframe which is interactive, works similar to website and can be tested.

Prototype user testing

Testing interactive prototype to see if planned layout meets user goals and expectations.

Graphic design
Client involvement

Analyzing or creating brand visual identity and creating website graphic design based on this identity and style for different devices.

HTML development

Implementing graphic design to work, move and look good on different devices and screen sizes.

Content audit

Analyzing current websites content in order to see where it needs changes to match the new website, its layout and goals.

Content creation
Client involvement

Creating new content based on content prototype and user needs.

CMS configuration

Programming system logic and configuring content management system.

Choosing the template
Client involvement

Deciding on the most suitable and visually attractive template based on content prototype.

Prototyping with template elements
Client involvement

Prototyping website content with visual elements from the template and discussing it with the client.

WordPress configuration

Building system where separate website sections will be easy manageable.

Extra element creation

Creating additional elements that are not included in template but are necessary for the website.

Content entry
Client involvement

Entering finished content in the right places on the website.

Administrator training
Client involvement

Teaching website administrator on how to edit and add content and work with site.

Migration to production

Migrating website from development environment to client domain

Client involvement

Feedback with client and involved stakeholders about website and work process


Updating system and plugins as well as technical support after website is delivered.


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If some of these tasks can be done by someone in your team, estimated length and price for project can change accordingly

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