User experience research
January 2015 - April 2015
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What the client needed

  • A redesign of their website to match their new graphic identity
  • Create a model for other, similar organizations
  • Have a modern website that accurately represents the organization
  • Create a new digital identity and strenghten it with the website
  • A platform to inform partners and share resources

What we have done

  • Analyzed the existing content and created a content strategy
  • Conducted a card sorting process, which led to a user-friendly site structure
  • Created an interactive prototype with a Mobile-first approach and tested it
  • Organized user observations with subjects from 12 countries in 7 different time zones
  • Post-launch we analyzed the site for user bevaviour and activities with HotJar


  • A detailed website prototype that was used by developers and a graphic designer
  • Content strategy that is tested by actual users (actual use in the field)
Helena Molin Valdés
Head of the CCAC Secretariat

We had a very good interaction

Climate and Clean Air Coalition was in a need for a new, modern and handy website, which would reflect the new graphic identity, could set an example to others content-wise, visually and technically. The goal was to develop a site that would provide relevant information about the Coalition both – to its partners and general public. We had a very good interaction which was particularly important in the project because our schedule was tight and work process included intense mutual agreements and decisions, mostly communicating via e-mails and Skype. Turn developed logical and suitable page structure and content strategy. They also made website prototype with mobile-first approach and tested it with real users.

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