website development
August 2014 - October 2014
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What the client needed

  • Create an impressive website with their new visual identity.
  • User friendly (highly navigable) website suitable for their potential investors, employees and media.
  • Develop the site on a tight schedule with a firm deadline.
  • Develop the website with an external designer of their choice.

What we have done

  • Analyzed their competitors websites and audience needs
  • Created a website prototype that can be used by the designer and content writer
  • Worked hand-in-hand with their designer
  • Developed content strategy for the writer
  • Created HTML for their design and integrated it with CMS


  • A highly responsive and easily interactive website
  • Sharp animated images that look good on high resolution screen
Tālivaldis Silenieks
Chief Marketing Officer

I really enjoyed working with Turn on our project

I really enjoyed working with Turn on our project, which was to make new, modern and impressive website that would also be very easy and convenient and, most of all, suited for our clients. While working on our website we were introduced to UX and looking back at the time of the project I believe that that was the best choice for us. It was nice to see such a rational, constructive and technical approach, which made it possible to have mutual trust.The job needed to be done quite fast and the trust definitely helped to achieve goals in time.The process was organized and each step happened as planned acording to predesigned flow chart by TURN – we received the UX data, competitor analysis, got to test the prototype and worked hand in hand with the designers, copywriters and programmers. Both for us and Turn it was a great experience, especially incorporating new technologies, e.g. SVG animations.

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